Who Is Damita McGhee?

I am a wife, mom of 3 super spunky kids.

I started working in the corporate world 20 years ago. I worked hard and poured everything into my job. All of my bosses saw something in me. So they all groomed me to be what they thought I was best at. Sound familiar?

I was so busy being a stellar employee and living up to everyone else’s expectations, that I completely lost track of my original plans and goals. I started to want what my bosses wanted. After all, they said it would be good for me and I could trust them, right?Preview Changes (opens in a new window)

Then came love. Then came marriage. Then came Damita with the baby carriage, and day care bills, and a mortgage and two car notes and a gas bill, light bill, insurance, and I’m sure you get the point.

When I finally looked up and took a breath, years had passed and we were deep in debt, despair and frustration.
And so began my journey into the world of the entrepreneur.

First, I tried network marketing and I absolutely loved it. In 4 years, I doubt I made $5,000. However, the experience was invaluable because I learned a lot.

Then came business #2. I started a staffing and recruiting firm from scratch. I spent countless nights drafting contracts, creating product packages and al a carte services. I finished a website that was so good, I would have put it up against any large recruiting firm. I earned very little with a few clients but I pushed myself harder than I ever had and I learned I had what it took to be an entrepreneur.

Then came the next network marketing company, which my husband and I are still a part of today. By this time, we needed the extra income. We were struggling to keep our heads above water so we worked hard and accomplished some notable goals. It enabled me to leave my corporate job because we rose to a rank that less than 1% of all reps in the company achieved.
Finally, we were earning money. Finally! Which leads me to today.

While growing our network marketing business, I stumbled upon online marketing and fell in love. It took 16 years but I finally found IT, my passion. I found my lane.

Now it’s your turn #BossMom. Are you ready to find your lane? I understand your fears because I had them too.

• Are people really going to listen to you?
• Are your products and services really worth charging people for?
• Will people actually pay you?
• Where in the world do you start?
• How do you run a business with all of the things you have on your plate?
• If people knew how much you are struggling financially, would they really take you seriously?
• Can you really do this?

YES YOU CAN!  IT’S YOUR TURN and I’m here to help!

Are you a Solo-MOMpreneur ready to have it all.  I am here to assure you that you can be a sensational spouse, magnificent mom and powerful, profitable business woman with the right tools and support.  Are you ready to build your online brand and create a powerful, profitable company?  If so, you have stumbled upon the right spot.  Welcome to the corner of the internet that was created with you in mind.

You’re still reading.  You’re still here.  So select the option below that most applies to you and let’s get to work!